Thanks to 'Man Pods,' Chinese women can ditch their husbands and shop till they drop!


Published: 2017-08-01 16:26

Last Updated: 2017-08-02 09:43

Just when you thought China couldn’t possibly come up with any new fads or inventions, you discover that the best is yet to come.

A Shanghai mall is offering men an escape to the gruelling chore of shopping with their other half: their very own “man pod.”

“We found in most malls men and women go shopping together but men cannot accept spending a long time shopping,” said Zhao Wei, an operator of one of the pods.

In this little bubble of joy, men can swap aimlessly walking through rows of clothes with playing video games.

Each pod is equipped with a game console and a large TV screen, allowing them to pass time behind glass walls, away from the hustle and bustle of other shoppers.

Launched in June, the idea has grabbed the attention of male “shoppers,” as over 1,000 men have already tried and tested the pods.

Yao Lei, a 26-year-old man who tried the booth, said: “I think this idea is pretty good because nowadays many boys like me are not willing to go shopping with their girlfriends.”

The creative head behind the quirky idea, Ruwo Smart Technology, are looking to launch their product across other shopping malls in the near future, with predictions of a 10 percent increase in retail spending in the second quarter of 2017.