Is Israel spying on Palestinians at Al Aqsa Mosque?


Published: 2017-07-30 22:07

Last Updated: 2017-07-31 10:38

Al Aqsa Imam claims that Israel has planted surveillance devices at Al Aqsa
Al Aqsa Imam claims that Israel has planted surveillance devices at Al Aqsa
Roya News Source

Israeli Authorities have allegedly placed surveillance devices and Jewish relics at Al Aqsa Mosque during its last closure, according to Al Aqsa Imam Akrama Sabri.

Sabri said that Al Aqsa’s Damage Monitoring Committee has observed several tiles that have been removed and reinstalled inside Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock, and offices surrounding the Mosque.

“There is suspicion that Israeli Authorities have removed the tiles either to plant Jewish relics to prove their claims on the land, or to install surveillance devices. We will look into it. We know the locations of every single moved tile,” said the Imam.

He said the Committee was likely to finish its work in two weeks, and will take stock of all of the Mosque’s items, including scrolls and relics that are almost a millennia old. The findings will then be cross-referencesd to records found in several places outside of Jerusalem.

In regards to the Palestinian rejection of Israel’s recent attempt at applying stringent security measures at the gates of Al Aqsa, the Imam said, “if we accepted these metal detectors and these cameras, it would be like acknowledging and legitimizing the Occupation and its actions.”

Israel had installed metal detectors at the gates of Al Aqsa in response to a shootout that resulted in the death of three Palestinian assailants and two Israeli policemen at the courtyards of the Mosque.

Palestinians boycotted prayer in the Mosque in rejection of the new security measures, and instead prayed around the compound for 12 days.

When Israel finally lifted the new security measures last Thursday, thousands of Palestinians flooded the Mosque’s gate in celebration.

However, Israeli forces and policemen broke into the Mosque on the same day, injuring dozens and arresting hundreds of worshipers.