Israel's handling of embassy killings a 'disgrace', Safadi says


Published: 2017-07-27 11:29

Last Updated: 2023-09-27 16:26

Israel treated the accused as if he was a “prisoner who had been freed" - Safadi
Israel treated the accused as if he was a “prisoner who had been freed" - Safadi

Jordan's Foreign Minister has called Israel's handling of the killing of two Jordanians near the Israeli embassy in Amman a "disgrace".

Speaking with Sky News Arabia on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said that Jordan is in constant contact with the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) regarding efforts to return calm to occupied Jerusalem, stressing that the solution regarding Al Aqsa must be acceptable to the Palestinian people.

The minister said that Al Aqsa Mosque should be open to all “without obstacles” and that the occupying state of Israel should respect Jerusalem's historical and legal status.

He stated that "Jordan called for an emergency session of the Arab League and continuous consultation with member states," adding that "the US position is clear, and they are working with both sides to resolve the crisis in Jerusalem."

On the other hand, the foreign minister said that "the departure of the murderer of Jordanians [in the Israeli embassy] to Tel Aviv, was in line with international agreements and norms."

Safadi noted that, although the Israeli guard enjoyed diplomatic immunity, which prevented him from being interrogated, "Jordan insisted on investigating the accused within international agreements and our efforts are ongoing."

Expressing his condemnation of Israel's position, he said that "the way Israel acted in welcoming the accused is a disgrace, and they should have acted diplomatically.”

"Jordan acted in accordance with international norms,” Safadi said, adding that Israel, however, “treated the accused as if he was a “prisoner who had been freed".