Jordan destroys large quantities of narcotics


Published: 2017-07-18 16:58

Last Updated: 2022-12-02 01:18

Seized narcotics were burned and destroyed. (File photo)
Seized narcotics were burned and destroyed. (File photo)

Large quantities of narcotics, seized from 97 cases, have been destroyed by the Department of Drug Control in the Directorate of Public Security.

The narcotics include 667 kg of hashish, 61 kg of heroin, (38) kg of cocaine, 117 kg of marijuana, 44 kg of industrial cannabis, 11.918 bag of industrial hashish and 13.628.103 of Cepetagon, (20.478.302) narcotic pills.

The destruction was supervised by a special committee headed by Assistant Director of Public Security, Brigadier Fawaz al-Maaytah, Director of the Department of Laboratories and Criminal Evidence, Director of the Department of Narcotics Control and Prosecutor General of the State Security Court.

Assistant Director of Public Security for the Judiciary Brigadier Fawaz al-Maaytah said that the strategy of the Public Security Directorate in the fight against drugs is based on three axes of operational, preventive and therapeutic measures.

The process of destroying the drugs is carried out in the factory furnaces and the high heat strips the products of the drug properties. Highly sensitive filters prevent the exit any fumed that pollute the environment or harm workers or security officers present at the site.