Cuba ask for minute silence for Palestinians after Israel requests one for Holocaust at UN


Published: 2017-07-05 17:24

Last Updated: 2017-07-07 11:24

UN meeting. (Photo courtesy of UN)
UN meeting. (Photo courtesy of UN)

Cuba’s delegate called for a minute’s silence for Palestine at a UN meeting near Auschwitz in response to Israel’s similar call for Holocaust victims.

Shama HaCohen, Israel’s ambassador at the UN meeting, compared the UN resolution to disavow Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem to Hitler’s campaign.

He asked the delegates to stand for a minute’s silence in memory of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

After the delegates were seated following the minute of silence, the Cuban official objected to Israel’s request, stating that only a chairman may request a minute of silence.

The Cuban representative accused the Israeli envoy of “turning this meeting into a politicized circus” after the latter claimed that the resolution which denied Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem was a “measure against Israel and the Jewish people.”

The Cuban delegate then turned to the Chairman and said, “with your indulgence let me request, Mr. Chairman, that we stand for a minute of silence for all of the Palestinians who have died in the region.”

HaCohen was heard to remark, “good comparison.”