Jordanian Olympian Abughaush finishes bronze in World Taekwondo Championships


Published: 2017-06-27 19:20

Last Updated: 2017-06-28 09:57

Abughaush's confrontation with his Chinese opponent
Abughaush's confrontation with his Chinese opponent
Roya News Source

Jordanian Olympic gold medalist Ahmad Abughaush finished bronze today in the featherweight class after losing to Chinese Huang Yu-jen in the World Taekwondo Championships (WTC) semi-finals in the South Korean city of Muju.

In the WTC semi-finals, Abughaush was unable to defeat his Chinese opponent, and lost 9-4 to him; he received the bronze medal for the event – Jordan’s fourth Taekwondo championship medal.

The Olympian started his ascent to the semi-finals yesterday after winning against Pakistani Muhammad Iqbal in the 64th round, and in the 32nd round, Abughaush won by punitive declaration against Pürevjavyn Temüüjin, after which he proceeded to beat Goergian Merab Shukakidze in the 16th round.

Abughaush defeated Russian Viacheslav Minin 15-10 in the quarterfinals, avenging his loss against the same opponent in the Fujairah Open International Taekwondo Championship finals this past February, where he finished second.

Other Jordanians who participated in the WTC were Taleen Hamaidi and Waad Al-Tarman, who both ended their journeys in the 32nd rounds of their respective weight classes.

Another Jordanian, Hamza Kattan in the heavyweight class, is scheduled to play against American Stephen Lambdin tomorrow after he was automatically qualified to play in the 32nd round after the withdrawal of his Algerian opponent Mohcene Boukercha.