Jordan's Prince Ra’ad visits pilgrims injured in bus crash


Published: 2017-06-27 17:30

Last Updated: 2017-06-27 19:20

Six people died and dozens were injured in the fatal accident.
Six people died and dozens were injured in the fatal accident.
Roya News Source

King Abdullah II’s deputy Prince Ra’ad bin Zeid visited on Tuesday the victims of the pilgrimage bus that overturned yesterday morning, killing six people and injuring dozens, on its way back from Saudi Arabia.

The Prince instructed the medical staff to provide all the care and medical services the pilgrims need for recovery.

The Minister of Health, Mahmoud Al Sheyyab, who accompanied Prince Ra’ad, said that 17 injured have been hospitalized in Al Karak, and 17 others were moved to Prince Zaid Hospital in Tafilah.

Al Sheyyab added that the medical staff have been tirelessly providing the best medical services to the injured pilgrims, and that only 15 cases remain in recovery, while most of those injured in the accident checked out of the hospitals today and yesterday.

Prime Minister Hani Al Mulki offered his condolences today to the families of the pilgrims, who died in the fatal bus crash, insisting that his cabinet will investigate the incidents in coordination with the Public Security Directorate.