Video: Young men gather in the streets, violating curfew order


Published: 2020-03-23 09:31

Last Updated: 2020-03-23 10:13

From the video
From the video
Roya News Source

A video circulated on social media platforms showing a number of young men breaching the curfew order last night, which is part of the government's measures to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus.

According to social media users, the young men left their homes and gathered in a street in Hay Nazzal area of Amman.

During a press briefing earlier last evening, the Minister of State for Media Affairs, Amjad Adaileh, confirmed that security services will deal firmly with any breach of the curfew, describing such practices as "unacceptable disregard".

Hundreds of people have been arrested since the beginning of the curfew for breaching the order.

The media spokesman for the Public Security Directorate (PSD) said the violators will be detained inside King Talal School in Zarqa governorate and Hassa Secondary School for Military Culture, in coordination with the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army (JAF).

There will be no leniency with regard to the implementation of the Defence Order No. 2, the official affirmed, adding that whoever violates the curfew instructions will be apprehended and all necessary measures will be taken in this regard.

The police official also called on people to abide by the curfew instructions and stay home as they are subject to legal liability.

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