Teachers Syndicate to appeal court's decision before Supreme Administrative Court


Published: 2019-09-29 14:16

Last Updated: 2019-09-29 15:20

Lawyer of the Teachers Syndicate, Bassam Freihat
Lawyer of the Teachers Syndicate, Bassam Freihat
Roya News Source

Lawyer of the Jordanian Teachers Syndicate, Bassam Freihat, said that the Syndicate will appeal to the Administrative Court's decision because "it has no jurisdiction when it comes to issuing such decisions."

Freihat stressed in a statement to Roya that "we show full respect to the judiciary, but the Syndicate will use the right under the law through appealing to the Supreme Administrative Court."

The Administrative Court had earlier today issued a decision indicating that it had ended the teachers' strike.

Based on the decision, the Syndicate must stop the strike and inform all the members of the Syndicate that the strike is over.

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Did Teachers Syndicate decide to end strike following Administrative Court's decision?