Pakistani artist’s fascinating illustrations of a Sci-Fi Pakistan


Published: 2017-09-16 12:09

Last Updated: 2017-09-16 13:22

A wonderful illustration of a Mujahid Jedi.
A wonderful illustration of a Mujahid Jedi.
Roya News Source

When you think of Pakistani cinema, you think of “Bollywood.”

But can you imagine what Pakistan would look like if it was set in a science fiction film? Omar Gilani can.

The Pakistani concept artist and designer drew a series of fascinating illustrations imaginative of a sci-fi Pakistan, and they are out of this world.

Gilani is a mechanical engineer with a Master’s in Robotics, who quit his job, taught himself digital art and became a successful visual designer with top clients, including Save the Children, The British Council, United Nations Education Foundation, Govt. of Pakistan, Lost Stories and Jabal Entertainment.


These are our favourite illustrations from his Pakistan+ photo series.


Khaleesi in Lahore

Mujahijedi Training

Sitaar Player

Road Side Dhaba

Desert Warrior Aunty

Guy Bargaining With A Rickshaw Wala


Dhaba 3000

Pindi Boyziz

Bounty Hunter