Sparking a movement: Amman Design Week 2017


Published: 2017-09-11 15:42

Last Updated: 2017-09-12 10:58

This year's slogan is ‘Design Moves Life Moves Design’.
This year's slogan is ‘Design Moves Life Moves Design’.
Roya News Source

Following a successful run in 2016, Amman Design Week, (ADW) is returning in 2017, with the support of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah.

Taking place in Ras El Ain with a broader and more diverse program, ADW 2017 explores the theme of ‘movement’ under the 2017 slogan ‘Design Moves Life Moves Design’. The programme was announced during a press conference held on Sunday in Amman, where the event’s organizers highlighted many of the elements debuting this year, which are set to empower designers by creating a forum for learning, exchange and collaboration.

Running from the 6th to the 14th of October, ADW 2017 offers a rich and innovative programme that strives to unveil the inherent potential of Jordan’s design landscape and create a dynamic platform for exploring the strong and often unnoticeable impact design has on life. Aside from the activities taking place in Ras El Ain, ADW features more than fifty participating spaces including galleries, shops, institutions, universities, and public spaces around the city.



“Last year, we explored the launch of the conversation on design in the city, highlighting the importance of design amongst us and within us, and its importance in improving our communities” said ADW Co-Founder Rana Beiruti. “This year, we are tackling the theme of movement – how design has the capacity to move life and vice versa.”

Additionally, a series of demonstration booths, pop-up shops, cultural activities and food will be featured at the ADW 2017 pop-up Crafts District, which will be taking place in an open-air structure designed by Dina Haddadin, and at the Al Hussein Cultural Center.