Private hospital closed due to serious medical violations


Published: 2017-08-23 15:11

Last Updated: 2017-08-23 15:13

Dr. al-Sheyab leading a meeting inside the Ministry. (Photo Credit: MOH)
Dr. al-Sheyab leading a meeting inside the Ministry. (Photo Credit: MOH)
Roya News Source

According to al-Ghad, Minister of Health Dr. Mahmoud al-Shyab decided to close a private hospital in Amman for serious violations.

The decision was made after a visit was conducted by a team from the Directorate of Licensing Professions and Institutions from the ministry, examining quality of operations in private hospitals. The examination was conducted to determine if hospitals comply with the terms of the license. 

No details were given on the nature of the violations made. 

Earlier this month, al-Ghad reports that the Ministry reported three private hospitals violating the terms of their license, deciding to close one in Irbid and issue a formal warning to another in Amman. 

Dr. al-Shyab since then has been examining the profiles of five other hospitals, while approving the quality of practice in ten others. The Ministry stated that patients undergoing treatment in the closed hospitals will be transferred to continue treatment in others.

The most unusual case of a closed hospital came after an investigation in the governorate of Zarqa, after the corpse of a baby was stored inside a food freezer.