This Irish town chooses a mountain goat to be its king for three days every year


Published: 2017-08-12 18:39

Last Updated: 2017-08-12 19:03

His Highness King Puck 2017
His Highness King Puck 2017
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Puck Fair has arrived to the town of Killorglin in Southwestern Ireland, and with it, a new monarch. A royal goat.

Yes, this Irish town has chosen a goat to be its king.

Puck Fair, one of the oldest Irish festivals, takes place on August 12 each year, and lasts three days. It sees Killorglin locals going to the wilds to capture a goat, only to name it king and to parade it for three days before returning it to the wilds.

The festival could be older than 500 years, with it only gaining an official status when King James of Scotland and England granted it a legal status in 1603.

Regardless of its obscure origins, Puck Fair seems to be a fairly popular festival, with 100,000 visitors expected to have visited this year’s coronation and parades.