27 Chechnyans Confirmed Dead in Gay Purge


Published: 2017-07-12 20:18

Last Updated: 2017-07-13 11:13

27 Chechnyans Confirmed Dead in Gay Purge
27 Chechnyans Confirmed Dead in Gay Purge
Roya News Source

The names of 27 Chechnyan men confirmed to have been killed by state authorities in a single night have been published, PinkNews reports. These men are believed to have been killed in a January mass execution which targeted gay men and reportedly included 56 people.

In April, news that Chechnya was “purging” itself of gay men went public, with reports of torture and several deaths. Russia had a tepid response to the international outcry regarding the situation, while world leaders (such as Angela Merkel and Theresa May) condemned it in no uncertain terms.

Meanwhile, human rights organisations have saved dozens of the men, of whom upwards of 100 were arrested, and began petitions with millions of signatories calling on the regional Chechen government to release them.