Ammani cat-watch: Man braves city chaos to rescue highway cat


Published: 2017-05-11 16:09

Last Updated: 2017-05-30 11:53

Ammani cat-watch: Man braves city chaos to rescue highway cat
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As cars raced by Amman’s 6th Circle motorway on Thursday morning (May 11, 2017), one man braved the oncoming traffic to save a cat’s life. Her meows couldn’t be heard over the noisy freeway, but luckily, the mystery hero spotted the panicked kitty before she could get seriously hurt. The compassionate act was captured on CCTV camera, where the man was seen running towards the fragile feline and carrying her to safety.

While the cat managed to keep all nine of her lives on that day, a dog was reportedly fighting for his life in Egypt. A video widely shared on Facebook claimed that the pup’s owner poisoned it because “his barking became too noisy to bear.” 

Animal welfare is not a topic that is often touched upon in Jordan or the Middle East. For that reason, the Humane Centre for Animal Welfare (HCAW) was etablished in Amman in 2000. 

The center generously provides free professional veterinary care for all animals - especially those in rural areas, whose owners' livelihood depends on their animals - and is a leader in animal welfare education and the promotion and protection of animal rights. HCAW also provides shelter for abandoned animals until they can re-home them, in addition to training undergraduate vets. 

Click here for more information on the HCAW and its founder Margaret Ledger.